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An ideal gift -- steam cooker


Are you think about how to select a gift for friends’ birthday? It is a good idea to give your friends something useful in daily life. Why not to conside a electric steam cooker? It is widely used in cooking and it is a healthy trend. There are all kinds of steam cookers and here is some useful hints on how to choose the ideal steam cooker:

1.   You need to know how long the steam can come out. A general steam cooker can steam within 15 minutes usually, many kinds of high quality steam cooker can steam within 5 minutes or even less..

2.   Transparent layers helps to view the cooking process.

3.   Auto off function is very important. Normally the steam cooker will shut off either by time cycles or water finishes. The operation is safe and it can save electricity

4.   With an external water filler, it become much easier when you need to add more water during cooking.

5.   You can choose pre-setting function steam cooker. You can prepare food in the night, then the program will cook automatically and food will be ready when you get up.


5L steam cookerplastic steam cooker

You ‘d better choose famous brand. There are many famous brands in Europe and American, such as Tefal, Tesco, Rival, Oster, Moulinex, etc. We are professional kitchen appliance manufacturer and we have established stable & long-time cooperation with most of well-know brands. We welcome to your cooperation in future.

 steam cookerstainless steel steam cooker