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Enameled Coating Pan


  Enameled coating pan has a non-stick enamel surface which prevents rusting and is easy to clean. Being the world’s most advanced and latest cookware, enameled coating pan is a mature product which acts as an essential part among Europe and America elegant cooking utensils. Compared with traditional casserole and induction cooker, it is more beautiful, functional and healthy. Here are some of the benefits of enameled coating pan.


1. The enameled coating pan use high purity synthetic inorganic compounds as raw materials and adopts high-performance enamel sintered by precision control craft.

2. Anti-high temperature and durable.

3. Cook evenly and good quality of heat retention.

4. Energy efficient

5. Available in a wide variety of colors


  Enamel used in small household electrical appliances brings new light to cookware market for it popularizes the concept of environment protection and low-carbon.


 enameled coating pan