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•   There are odor of the mist.

The problem is maybe that it is a new machine or the water is not clean, please open the water tank and place it in the shade for 12 hours and then change water.


•   The water tank leakage.

Please check if you close the valve of the water tank properly, follow the procedure according to instruction manual.


•   The power light is on, no wind and fog.

 It may because the water level is excessive high, please pour some water in the gullet and screw the lid of the water tank tightly to try again.


•   There is no mist comes out from the humidifier after long time use.

The reason is that the surface of humidifier is covered with dirty, so it affects the transducer to produce mist. Please check the surface of the transducer, and clean it. Also, please keep in mind to clean it once a week, to avoid such kind of problem to happen again.