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Deep Fryer Promotion Order


We’d like to share an example with you to prove our manufacturing capacity. In March 2009, under pleasant negotiation between X.J. and French client, we obtained a promotion order with a quantity of 300,000PCs deep fryer for EU market. Client has specific requirements for products and X.J. fulfilled appearance design, structure design, mould tooling and final production. As a promotion order, the delivery of whole lot is just 40 days after sample confirmed, which is extremely tight. X.J. finished the project including product design, mould tooling, certification application and final production just within 60 days. It is really amazing for a new production and big volume production.


How did we fulfill it?


1)     Order negotiation & confirmation period:

On 1st, March. 2009, X.J. received inquiry including target price, product features, order quantity of 600,000pcs and delivery on 20th, June 2009. X.J. attached high importance to this inquiry. Final offer was made by discussions of sales team, engineering team and accountant efficiently. By friendly negotiation with client, client approved X.J.’s offer and confirmed the order on 9th, March. Client opened L/C within one week.


2)     Product development:

Upon order confirmation, R&D team started the product sketch, configuration analysis, 3D drawing and prototype efficiently. The design & production files were done & approved on 30th, March, which is just 20 days.


Meanwhile, Purchase department had contacted with suppliers for materials & components reservation.


3)     Mould tooling:

To finish such a huge order within client’s deadline, X.J. opened 4 sets of complete moulds. Thanks to strong mould tooling capacity of X.J.’s own moulding factory, we just spent 20 days to finished all moulds tooling, which was started from March 31 st and finished on April 20 th.


4)     Production preparation:

After positive analyses result of first engineering samples, X.J.’s factory started a trial production for capacity & quality checking. The pre-production sample was sent to client on 28th, April and was approved by client on 8th, May.


At the same time, samples were sent out to authoritative lab by our QC department for certification. Production capacity of 4 modernized production lines was reserved in advance. A detailed production schedule was done by PMC department.


5)    Mass production:

Upon greenlight on certification, QC division prepared all quality control standards for each production process and ensured all details are in accordance with CE,GS,ROHS,REACH regulations. Different departments of our factory started production timely.


--For plastic injection, dozens of injection machines were running day and night with a daily output of 10,000 sets.


--In hardware workshop, the accessories were made in an orderly way with an daily output of 15,000 sets.


--On the other hand, for the components purchased from suppliers such as power cable and thermostat, IQC department carried different tests such as function tests and ROHS scan test.


Every step was well managed. On 20th,May, we started final assembling. The daily output for each line is 6,000PCs, with 4 lines keep running, the daily output reached 24,000PCs. Samples were drew according to AQL level and tested for safety, functional and life performance in parallel.


Client’s QC people came to factory and inspected the goods frequently. Final random inspections were done by lab on-line.


6)    Shipment: our logistic people arranged vessel booking timely. Upon confirmation of shipping order, factory loaded containers on time. The first delivery of 72,000PCs was delivered on 22nd, May, and whole order of 300,000PCs were finished on 15th.June.


7)    Payment: Financial department submitted B/L & shipping documents to bank according to L/C terms and payment was done soon. The whole order was done smoothly!