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X.J.Group’S enterprise culture


Founded in 1989, X. J. Group is a leading manufacturer of electrical appliances, electronic scales and plastic housewares in Shenzhen, China. X.J has become a middle-scale enterprise with 4,000 employee by 22 years’ development. As an indispensable part, company culture plays an important role in our development. Humanizing, flexible, scientific is principle of our company culture.

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As one of the most important activities, the Labour Union of X.J. will organize a tourism plan every year. Since our EU & America clients are on long holiday on Christmas, we will also take this period to travel. Most of the destinations are the best tourism spots in China. In 2004, our company enjoyed a travel in Guilin, which is among top famous scenic spots in China. In 2006, a travel was organized to Beijing. In 2009, we went to Lijiang, Yunnan and enjoyed appreciating Yulong snow mountain and Lijiang Old Town. We regard such travels as a good change to enhance the cohesion of staff, a good way to increase enthusiasm of staff and the best way to relax.

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On the other hand, X.J. keeps training staff with newest knowledge. In 2007 and 2008, Sales Department attended 4 times’ training in Shenzhen. In 2009, we invited several well-known lecturers and arrange training in Dongguan city. In 2010, top managements of X.J. held two lectures in Dongguan city. As some staff say, training is the best reword in a company.


On birthday of each employee, a gift will be rewarded to this employee. The CEO of X.J. will write an inspiring regards on the birthday cards. In order to enrich staff’s spare time life, X.J. established several entertainment rooms with table tennis, snooker and chess.

A decent company culture is the common goal of each X.J. employee. We are make it better and better!